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SIM-based LBS technology enables indoor and outdoor tracking and geo-fencing for improved school security

05 November, 2014 (SINGAPORE and CHINA) – Edusafety, an organization dedicated to the safety and well-being of school students in China, has selected W-Locate’s SIM-based LBS solution XimLoc to provide parents of the four million children in Guangdong Province with accurate location monitoring services. The project which is supported by the Ministry of Education China is designed to provide parents with peace of mind that their children are safely in school. Following a trial that commenced in September, full implementation of the service is set to take place by the end of November 2014.

After a comprehensive evaluation of different technologies, XimLoc was chosen by Edusafety for its superior accuracy and ability to provide consistent indoor-and-outdoor location monitoring. The SIM-based solution is designed with geo-fencing capabilities and can alert parents via SMS, App and web alert. In addition, it features an innovative SOS notification feature for emergencies. Parents and guardians can set a geo-fenced zone around a school that sends an alert if a child is not in school by a pre-determined time.

XimLoc from W-Locate is a highly scalable and customizable location-monitoring platform that has been designed from the ground up with third-party API support in mind. Its unique SIM-based algorithm allows mobile operators to deploy location-based services (LBS) over their own network with minimal capital investment. As it is a SIM-based solution, new services can be offered to any device with a SIM card, including smartphones and feature phones. XimLoc is therefore perfectly placed to enable operators to offer innovative business and consumer location services. In addition, it is based on the GSMA’s OneAPI initiative, which means tracking can take place across different networks and even across different countries.

“Child safety is of paramount importance to us,” said Chen Jun, GM of Edusafety. “We looked at a number of different technologies to decide on what solution would provide parents with peace of mind. W-Locate’s solution was a cut above the rest. What made it stand-out was its ability to provide accurate location information in both outdoor and indoor environments – ideal for schools. This is not something GPS can deliver.”

Stevie Ooi, CEO of W-Locate concluded: “Unlike a GPS device, a SIM-based LBS solution uses less battery power, so is capable of tracking someone for a much longer period of time and provide an accuracy of 6-200m. Children mean everything to parents and we are proud that XimLoc can help Edusafety protect and keep kids safe.”

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About W-Locate
W-Locate provides SIM-based location services, utilizing mobile operator’s already existing infrastructure to provide new services and network monitoring without the need for large CAPEX. W-Locate’s XimLoc solution is already deployed in a number of leading mobile network operators, allowing for the development of new services through its 3rd party API support.