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Why SIM-based LBS Offers New Hope to Drive Location Revenues

It is no secret mobile operators have been losing out to Over-the-Top (OTT) services for a while now. Carriers are seeing falling revenues from their core services (calls and texts) as OTT providers undermine these offerings with their own services. As a result, operators are increasingly looking towards the enterprise market to secure new revenue streams and stave off simply becoming a “dumb pipe”.

One area of interest for mobile operators is location-based services (LBS) for enterprise. Fact is LBS can energize and even transform industries such as advertising, logistics and workforce management. However, just as with messaging, OTT services have started developing LBS offerings – and this risks cutting operators out of another lucrative revenue generator. So, are mobile operators destined to lose the OTT fight or can they launch their own LBS solution to claw back revenues? [Read More..]

Written by: Stevie Ooi, CEO
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Posted on: 02 October 2014