XimLoc is the world’s first and only commercially viable SIM-based LBS (Location-Based Services) that can accurately track any mobile phone that uses a SIM card. This technology is not triangulation nor is it one of those inaccurate network based solutions.  We would prefer to call our solution rectangulation or octangulation. That’s because of  the sheer number of parameters that our proprietary algorithm processes before arriving with the calculation of the location of a SIM card.

Track any mobile phone with a SIM card

XimLoc can be implemented on any GSM mobile phone with a SIM card . Including feature-phones and low-end smartphones.  XimLoc is OS agnostic too.  So the deployment of our solution can be done in record-time and at low-cost.

Track Indoors

XimLoc has the ability to locate a mobile phone outdoors and indoors, something GPS cannot do.

Low power consumption

XimLoc can track and deliver the location of a subject seamlessly without exhausting the mobile phone’s battery life. This solves one of  the main problems caused when tracking via GPS.

Comparison with existing technologies


Competitive Advantage - Positioning Map



Workforce Tracking
Student Tracking

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