The W-Locate approach

FIND is more than a fleet management platform. FIND can be customized with specially placed sensors and can be deployed to track any mobile device or outdoor object. With a proven track record in customization through M2M Telematics, we are able deliver insight on a wide-range of information that businesses could only have been able to collect manually prior to FIND. With FIND, data is now only a few clicks away

How do we go about doing it?

In addition to FIND, which, essentially is a fleet management platform, FIND also allows for customization and can be deployed to track any other mobile or outdoor objects. With our proven track records in customization through M2M Telematics, we are able to deliver business owners information that they could only collect manually prior to deploying FIND (M2M Telematics).

First, Our dedicated FIND Plus consultants will spend time speaking to the business owners and ground crew to understand the business processes before implementation. Once, we understand the business processes, we will then determine the vital information that needs to be collected before we proceed to deploy. Once we are ready for deployment, we integrate various machine systems/sensors (M2M Telematics) to monitor and record all the required pre-defined parameters in real time.

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